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Asparagus and Onion Omelet

I have recently stepped onto the food train that has been speeding through my life.  In order to learn more about cooking and teaching methods, I am assisting chefs at different cooking schools around town.  And wow has it been such a great (and exhausting) learning experience.  So this week has been a really busy week with attending talks on food and assisting chefs.  

Last night I had fifteen minutes at home after work to whip up something healthy and protein filled to give me a boost before class.  On my way home I was going through the catalog of foods I knew were in my pantry, fridge and freezer.  I started off thinking of truffle popcorn, because that would be easy to eat in the car.  But then thought it may not be satisfying.  Then I moved to the freezer...leftover beet burgers with a slice of goat cheese.  Hmm, I already had that for lunch.  Then I remembered eggs!  

Liking eggs is a relatively new concept for me, so they don't always show up on the mental radar.  But alas they did yesterday, even before getting home.  Then I remembered a small bunch of leftover fresh parsley from Thanksgiving.  And oh, I had frozen asparagus.  This was materializing so nicely, that my walking pace quickly picked up.

So in fifteen minutes, I took out frozen asparagus, chopped them into tiny pencil eraser size.  Found about an eighth of an onion...chopped that.  Sauteed them together.  Made the eggs in a separate smaller pan.  Sprinkled them with parsley and flipped over.  Added the asparagus and onion and glued it together with a small sprinkling of parmesan cheese.  The perfect quick appetizer or breakfast!

Asparagus and Onion Omelet
makes 1 healthy sized serving  

1 tsp olive oil
1/8th onion, diced
3 spears of asparagus
2 eggs, whisked
1/3rd bunch fresh parsley, minced
Sprinkle of parmesan
Salt and pepper to taste

Heat olive oil in medium pan over medium heat.  Add onions and saute until softened and slightly browned.  Add asparagus and saute for another minute or two.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper to your taste preference.  Turn off heat and set aside.

Heat a small pan and spray with cooking spray or use a little olive oil.  Add eggs.  After 1-2 minutes, put in the parsley.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Flip when egg is firm enough to hold together.  Pour the asparagus and onions into the egg.  Sprinkle the parmesan.  When other side is done (a few minutes), fold omelet over to glue together.  Turn off heat and let sit in pan for final flavor marriage.

Plate and eat immediately.

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