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Simple Shredded Brussels Sprouts

Hopefully this recipe will help anyone rethink not liking Brussels sprouts.  I used to have a strongly skeptical view on them...especially when they are cooked or boiled whole, without much in the flavoring department added to them.  I used to avoid them altogether at the grocery store, never knowing what in the world to do with them once I got home.  But within the last year, after having them in shredded form, at a tapas style restaurant while visiting my best friend in Utah, my mind was forever changed.

The best part about shredding the Brussels sprouts is that first of all, it reduces the cooking time significantly.  Secondly, it gives them much more surface area, and therefore have the ability to pick up more flavor of the spice or sauce.

First cut them in half lengthwise.

Then finely chop them into threads, to have a shredded form.
Another note here...I recently discovered tongs.  They have significantly improved my life!  They make sauteing large volumes of food, or pieces of chicken, so much easier.

Another great part of this dish is that you can serve as a side dish to a protein such as chicken or eggs.  Or you can eat it as one big cooked salad for dinner.  You can add almonds or pistachios or scrambled eggs to this to make it heartier too.  Add red pepper flakes for an extra kick.

Simple Shredded Brussels Sprouts
Serves 2-3 side dish sizes

14 Brussels sprouts
1-2 Tbsp olive oil for cooking
1 large (or two small) clove garlic (diced)
1/2 tsp black pepper
1 1/2 Tbsp low sodium soy sauce

Cut all the Brussels sprouts in half and finely chop into a shredded form.  Put into a colander and rinse thoroughly.  Set aside.  Prepare the garlic.

Heat a medium/large pan on medium and add olive oil.  Toss in the garlic.  Saute for just a minute.  Add Brussels sprouts, so they have a chance to soak up some of the raw garlic taste.  Toss with tongs or spatula.  Add pepper.  Cover for a few minutes, just until the Brussels sprouts start to soften and slightly change to a bright green.  (You want them to be a little undercooked right before adding soy sauce.)

Add soy sauce, cover and turn off heat.  Let sit for a few minutes to allow all the flavors to join.   Lift cover and assess.  Serve immediately as a starter side dish, or at a tapas party.   Add any extra flavoring such as hot sauce or red pepper flakes for more spice.

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