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Artichoke and Kale Salad

I went to my friend M's yoga class last night, which was a great follow-up after a fitness retreat last weekend.  It was basically a girl's dream weekend...two workouts a day followed by lunch, a power walk to an herbal apothecary for a talk on aromatherapy and tinctures while soaking our feet in a salt bath, a meeting with a life coach and a nutrition talk, dinner and wine and a night at a fancy hotel...followed by two more workouts the next day and brunch and bellinis.  This was all thanks to Traci, the owner of Fly Fitness (

I felt so rejuvenated and wanted to maintain the feeling, so after a great yoga class last night, I went to Whole Foods on a mission for colorful salad ingredients.  I was set on kale ribbons and artichoke hearts.  I wanted a easily shave-able cheese, so I asked the cheese guy the best option.  He gave me a lot of good I went with the Sarvecchio Sartori, because he said it was made in Wisconsin.  I've mentioned that I by no means am a sports fan, but felt a certain loyalty to the Packers since I am from Ohio and my two best friends S and A are from Milwaukee.

I piled and cut the kale just like on the beet greens post.  Stacking them makes it so much easier and quicker to slice.  I also cut the whole artichoke hearts in half.  The cheese was a nice dry cheese that ribboned easily on the mandoline.  Any hard cheese would do though, such as parmesan reggiano.   And as always, you can use whatever ingredients suit your fancy.  A grilled chicken breast, dried cherries, or apple slices would also be nice.  I whipped up an easy vinaigrette to go with it, which I mentioned the ingredients below.  Use what you like for dressing.  Enjoy! 

Artichoke and Kale Salad
One good sized dinner salad or two small starter salads

1/2 can whole artichoke hearts, halved
6 kale leaves, cut into thin ribbons
1/3 can white cannellini beans, drained and rinsed
Sarvecchio Sartori cheese, sliced very thin in mandoline (or any hard cheese that easily shaves)

White vinegar
Dijon mustard
Splash of maple syrup
Salt and pepper
Extra virgin olive oil

Cut the artichoke hearts in half and set aside.  Wash and dry the kale and pile each leaf on top of one another.  Slice into very thin ribbons.  Drain the beans and mandoline the cheese.  Prepare the dressing in a small food processor or by whisking...adding the oil last. 

Toss the kale ribbons and beans in the dressing.  Make a nice mound of greens on the plate.  Arrange the artichoke hearts and cheese.  Have with a nice glass of wine and thick slice of bread.  Yay!


Haley said...

1) That salad looks delicious.
2) Your weekend sounds like it was AMAZING. I SO want to do something like that!

Alli Shircliff said...

Thanks Haley! It was such a refreshing and inspiring weekend...with a lot of good food too :)

Dr. Tennille said...

All I can say is yum!! I know this doesn't seem like a super bowl dish, but will you bring it? :)

Alli Shircliff said...

Sure I can definitely bring it! It can be a complement to the shrimp on the barbie :)